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Vunilagi Vou

Sweet Jungle of Mine’ these pieces of jungle vines and mysterious leaves and flowers represent the journey into our internal world. I have spent many years in counselling, doing the at times, terrifying journey into myself. It has felt like a jungle. Filled with tangled threads,vines. Having to make my way through new growth and thick strong undergrowth to find a clear path. In behind the crochet are glimpses of beautiful embellished sari fabrics which represent the beauty that can lie hidden deep inside and when you shine the light on your internal world you find these hidden treasures.

We loved creating the jungle. Each piece representing a part of us, our journey our experiences. The ‘crazy’ haphazard nature of the jungle pieces for me being real joy as it is this supposed haphazardness that has brought me where I am today which is in the exact right place.

Crochet has been a magical tool which has unlocked the key to understanding our souls purpose. It is the vehicle which brings the visions from our wellspring of creativity into life. This is such a blessing. Crochet has helped connect us to so many people from all walks of life. A simple hook and thread has allowed us to share our aroha and experience aroha from many many people!

Tihei Mauri Ora!

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