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Lissy's Story: A Tapestry of Art and Resilience

Born into a world where creativity flowed as freely as the waters of the moana. I was destined to embrace the arts. Raised in a large, creative  and vibrant whānau where I am the pōtiki/youngest of eight wāhine. 

My father Colin Cole,  a renowned NZ couturier and my mother Mairehau Tui Cole, a high intellectual, my life has been to navigate these two extremes and forge my own path. Crochet found me at a time when I was exploring and experimenting, trying to find my way.   

Crochet became my visual language, a way to honour my Tūpuna's memory, and a medium to express my deepest emotions. After a fulfilling journey in communications and fashion, including my 'I Love Lissy Collection', I discovered my true calling in crochet.

Rudi's Path: From Forests to Yarn

I hail from the forestry town of Kaingaroa. Born with a chainsaw in hand, my early years were spent in the embrace of nature and the creative sanctuary of my backyard shed. My transition from the forests to the art of crochet has been a journey of discovery and learning. Meeting Lissy was the turning point where I swapped my chainsaw for a crochet hook, combining my love for making with the intricate art of crochet.

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