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The Ball Is Still In Your Court: Continuing the Legacy of Connection and Joy

Your Contribution: A Thread in Our Ever-Growing Tapestry

Kia ora! As we transition from our successful 'Buy-A-Ball' campaign, which brought the Wharenui Harikoa to life, we invite you to continue weaving this journey with us. Your support has always been about more than just yarn; it's about strengthening our mission of connecting people, igniting joy globally, and nurturing a sense of togetherness.

From Wharenui Harikoa to Endless Possibilities

While the Wharenui Harikoa stands as a symbol of unity and healing, our artistic voyage is far from complete. Your donations now play a pivotal role in:

  • Sustaining Our Artistic Practice: Your support enables us to continue creating art that resonates with the soul and celebrates our rich cultural heritage.

  • Empowering Community Projects: Contributions like yours help us bring art into the heart of communities, creating spaces of joy and shared experiences.

  • Educating and Inspiring: Through workshops and educational initiatives, we share the joy of crochet, fostering creativity in future generations.

A New Way to Weave Your Support

Your donations now represent more than a ball of wool; they symbolise your faith in our vision and your role in a broader narrative of art, culture, and community.

  • Donate in Honour: Continue the legacy by donating on behalf of loved ones, weaving their memory and wairua (spirit) into our ongoing projects.

  • Every Contribution Counts: Whether it's a small gesture or a significant contribution, every dollar helps us in weaving the tapestry of our shared future.

Your Impact: Beyond the Yarn

Your support is the glow that illuminates our art. With the foundational support from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage, and Creative NZ, plus your continued contributions, we can keep the light of creativity burning bright.

Join Us in Spreading More Joy and More Colour

We warmly invite you to be part of this ever-expanding journey. Your donation is a step towards a future where art transcends boundaries and unites us in a dance of hope and reverence.

With each contribution, we continue to build a celebration of aroha and joy, one loop, one stitch, one story at a time. The ball is still in your court, and together, let's keep the game of joy and connection going strong.

Nga mihi nui

Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Cole

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Share Your Story, Weave Your Legacy: Donations That Tell Tales

As we embrace the next chapter beyond Wharenui Harikoa, we invite you not just to donate, but to share your story with us. Your contributions are more than financial support; they are personal tales, memories, and dreams woven into the fabric of our artistic journey.


Every donation to our cause is a precious strand in the fibre of our community's collective story. We deeply value the reasons and sentiments behind your support. 

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