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Corbans Estate Art Gallery
August 14 -September 17 2020

Neon pink is the colour of joy for us. It represents the journey of experiencing deep and profound pain and grief which has lead to this kaupapa of joy. Without pain you cannot truly experience joy. The sharing of our joy with the world is our souls purpose and is at the heart of our practice.

The design work incorporates traditional Māori whakairo patterning such as the pungawerewere design which symbolises the spiders web, representing connection and growth. It speaks to our stories unique to us as Māori. The crochet itself symbolises a deep connection to our wairua and the thread of yarn symbolises the thread which connects us all-aroha.

The crochet covering on each wheku acts as covering, korowai which protects and brings aroha, warmth and security.

For us, crochet evokes precious memories of our nanny’s, beloved aunts and uncles and whanau who have gone beyond the veil.

We use neon colours to convey joy, vitality, passion and energy. The neon act as a portal in which we invite the viewer to enter and experience our joy.

Tihei Mauri Ora!

Neon crochet Pou
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